PES Machining and Testing Equipment Capabilities


Machining Capabilities

  • Saw cutting and sectioning of material up to 42″ in diameter
  • Final preparation of all size flat and round tensiles specimens per ASTM E8 and ASTM A370
  • Machining of all size Charpy Impact specimens
  • Wire EDM machining for test specimens, including J1c and K1c samples
  • Capabilities to design and machine custom fixturing to meet unique testing requirements

Mechanical Testing

  • Load cells ranging from 1,000 lbf. to 120,000 lbf. for tensile and proof load testing
  • Elevated and Cold Temperature Tensile Testing up to 1,800°F.
  • Charpy V-Notch testing for temperatures ranging from -320°F to 600°F
  • Stress and Creep Rupture testing up to 1,800°F
  • Cold, Room, and Elevated K1c and J1c Fracture Toughness Testing up to 600°F
  • HRA, HRBW, HRC, HBW, Superficial, Macro/Microindentation Hardness Testing
  • Weld Qualification Testing, including post weld heat treatment

Metallurgical Testing

  • PAX-itTM Image Analyzing Software
  • Digital imaging up to 2000X
  • SEM and EMPA analysis available
  • Macroetching
  • Corrosion Testing for Duplex and Austenitic Stainless Steels
  • Root Cause and Failure Analysis
  • Simulated heat treatment, including water and/or oil quench

Chemical Analysis

  • OES for Carbon and Stainless Steels, Aluminum, Copper and Brass
  • ICP for all materials
  • LECO analysis for Carbon, Sulfur, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Hydrogen
  • Carbide analysis for Density, Porosity and Chemistry
  • Analysis of recycled and reclaimed materials